1)  Will I be able to play in both my primary and secondary positions at camp?

Players will only showcase and play in the primary position they selected during registration.  On some occasions, college coaches may ask us to have a player move to another position in order to see versatility, arm strength, etc.  This is strictly done via a college coach’s request.

2)  Do pitchers take batting practice and receive game at bats?

 Primary pitchers do not participate in batting practice and/or receive game at bats.  This is reserved for position players only.  If you believe your best chance at playing college baseball is in another position, we suggest you register in that position.

3)  What type of bats are allowed?

College coaches would prefer players use BBCOR-certified metal bats, however, the use of wooden bats is also allowed.

4) Can I talk with college coaches during camp?

 Yes!  One of the great aspects of our camps is the ability for the player to have direct contact with college coaches on the field.  This provides both player and coach the opportunity to get to know each other better and makes our camps hands on.  Coaches are free to move around the field and interact with various players during skills workout and games.  Not only will coaches be evaluating you for their recruiting needs but instructing as well.

5)  Will we receive a written evaluation at camp?

Rising Prospects does not provide a written evaluation, however, all measurable data such as 60 yd time, defensive arm velocities, catcher pop times, home to 1B times and pitcher velocities will be shared with college coaches.  If available before the end of camp, this data will be posted in dugouts during camp as well as shared electronically with college coaches.

In addition, players will be emailed after camp with all of their camp performance data.  Each player will receive a unique Player ID in order to maintain anonymity.

6)  How and when will I know my team assignment and check in time?

Final team assignments and schedules will be announced via email as well as posted on website 2 days prior to start of camp.

Pitching rotations will be determined on Saturday when all players are checked in. If you are a pitcher and communicated you will only attend one day, just show up on that day.  All other pitchers should be prepared to pitch a total of 3 innings during camp (2 innings on one day and 1 inning on the other day).

7)  Can I request a specific team assignment?

Yes.  Players can submit a request for a specific group by emailing andy@risingprospects.com  Out of state players and early requests will be given priority.  Players taking the SAT or ACT can be placed in our afternoon group assuring them of not missing camp.  This has been done successfully over the years.

8)  What if it rains during camp?

Many of our college coaches travel from across the country to see you play, therefore, we make every effort to conduct camp at the field.  The field maintenance crew and Rising Prospects will determine the use of the field based on player safety, current field conditions and projected weather forecast.

All efforts will be made to conduct camp outdoors on the field, however, we will have an indoor facility ready to go.  Camp indoors will be conducted in a manner where players will be able to demonstrate their skills via batting practice, defensive drills, bullpens, etc.   There is the possibility we conduct camp both outdoors and indoors and we will make every effort to cover all aspects of the itinerary even if the camp hours are extended.

No refunds and/or credits will be provided if weather impacts the manner in which we may need to conduct camp.

9)  When will we receive our recruiting video?  

If the camp you registered for offers a recruiting video, players will receive them 14 days after camp has ended.  Players will be notified via email with a unique YouTube link where their video can be found and shared with college coaches.  See our YouTube channel for videos of past camps.

10)  What if a player needs medical attention or suffers an injury during camp?

Our camp is staffed by a certified athletic trainer who will address medical needs and/or injuries.  Players needing ice or taping are encouraged to approach our trainer.

11)  Are all the colleges listed attending camp?

The colleges listed on each camp event have committed to attend.  We plan on having them in attendance unless some unforeseen situation occurs such as personal family emergency, termination from their program, acceptance of job at another program or they schedule a camp of their own during these dates.  In any of these events, Rising Prospects will attempt to fill their spot with another quality college program.

12)  Can I be picked up at the airport? 

No. Players traveling solo must arrange their own mode of transportation to and from airport/hotel/field.  Rising Prospects staff and/or college coaches are not allowed to provide transportation.

13)  What if I’m taking my SAT or ACT test on Saturday of camp?

Not a problem! We have successfully scheduled players taking the SAT or ACT on the Saturday of camp by assigning them to our late afternoon group (typically Teams 5 and 6). Players will have plenty of time to take their test, drive to the field and participate in all camp activities. Players should request this team assignment via email to andy@risingprospects.com